Price List For Car Wash

Price List For Car Wash



Exterier + Interier + Wax

Hand wash with a shampoo. Door frames cleaning. Wheels and rims cleaning. Hand dry. Vacuum vehicle interior and trunk. Interior plastic cleaning. Cleaning of leather coverings. Treatment for interior and exterior plastic. Waxing.

1690,- CZK




Car polishing (depends on condition of paint) - 2500-5000 CZK

Interior wet cleaning - ceiling, seats, carpets - 1600 CZK

Leather cleaning and protection - 750 CZK

Engine wash - 250 CZK

Washing and cleaning of rims - 400 CZK

Removing asphalt - 200-700 CZK

Headlights polishing - 1000 CZK

Protective Teflon film - 1700 CZK










Všechny uvedené ceny jsou bez DPH 21%


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