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Car Polish

Your car operates in an environment that impacts the quality of the exterior .The exterior is sensitive to a host of hazards such as road salt, pollutants and bird droppings. Any and each of these elements can eat away at the cars' metal, chrome and paintwork. Washing and waxing regularly will keep your car looking like new.

The paintwork - which includes a primer and numerous further layers including lacquer - works together as a system so a thorough process should be followed to protect the final finish.

Waxing a car's exterior goes a long way toward protecting the integrity and condition of its paint job. Wax penetrates deep into a car's paint, where it attaches itself to each individual paint molecule and acts as a protective barrier to environmental pollutants and contaminants.

A good wax job also reduces the damaging effects of the sun's ultra-violet rays on a car's paint job and limits sun-induced paint fading. In addition, waxing your car serves the following purposes too.

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