Car Wrapping

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Car Wrapping

Wrapping is the process of "Wrapping" the car in vinyl sheets. By wrapping the car, instead of painting it allows us to create all sorts of dramatic and eye catching effects, without actually effecting the original finish of the car. Full car wrap uses a specially designed automotive PVC vinyl applied directly to the car body panels.

When you look at the finished wrapped car you will never notice that it is a wrap with a smooth and uniform finish, no visible joints, perfect corners, wrapped gaps etc. Every single body panel is wrapped separately to give a perfect finish. To achieve a perfect finish some parts may need to be removed, wrapped and re-mounted. 

Our professional mechanic carefully removes necessary parts from the vehicle and our Team of wrap experts apply the vinyl directly to the surface of the vehicle. Our experts ensure to apply the vinyl with no bubbles, dust or creases. The combined skill of the Team gives an amazing and very reliable finish better than spray painting. We also offer you a custom designed personal or advertise car.


We can provide you with a following wrapping services:

  • Protective vynils
  • 3D vynils (carbon, leather etc.)
  • Matte vynils
  • Stickers on car
  • Stickers on windows
  • Magnet stickers 
  • Advertise car wrapping

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